For Teens – How to Stop Bedwetting – The Permanent Solution

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You inherited a sleep pattern that causes you to sleep so deeply that your brain cannot get a signal from the bladder. Your bladder empties without the brain knowing it. The bedwetting is just a red flag, the sleep disorder is the more serious underlying issue. The good news is that this can be changed. We have worked with and cured thousands of teenagers.

Why Our Program Will Work for You

  • Everything is done in the privacy of your home

  • We will be working directly with your parents
  • You have a choice of both male and female Treatment Advisors
  • We work until you are permanently dry

How to Begin

We schedule a one hour consultation with you and your parents. We need to gather information about the bedwetting and deep sleep symptoms so we can discuss the right approach for permanently ending the bedwetting. Your parents can give us all your information and everything discussed is kept confidential. We will address any questions and concerns you may have. You and your parents will then decide if you want to begin treatment.

We know how frustrating and confusing this problem is. We encourage you to discuss what you have learned on our website and share your frustrations with your parents. It may be difficult to appreciate, you’re not the only person your age to experience bedwetting. In fact, according to the National Kidney Foundation, 1 to 2 out of every 100 teens at age 15 wets the bed. This is a very common problem that isn't commonly discussed.

  • Bedwetting runs in families. There is often a history in the family lineage

  • Research has shown that if the father wet the bed as a child, there is a 39% greater chance the child will wet the bed, and if the mother has a history of bedwetting, there is a 23% greater chance

  • If both parents have a history of bedwetting, there is a 77% chance the child will also wet the bed. Source: University of Iowa Science Relations


Teenager's Constant Struggle and Pain From Years of Bed Wetting


Yesterday, what we believe was a teenaged boy placed a call to our clinic pretending to be a dad seeking bedwetting treatment for his son.  We are noticing this taking place more often these days, since teenagers spend a lot of time online, and have been come very savvy researchers, and yet they are too shy to disclose to us that it is them on the phone.  


This begs the question:  If doctors regard bedwetting as normal and simply something a child will outgrow, why are emotions of shame and embarrassment so prevalent?  Apparently the teenager was afraid to be himself.  I was patient and sympathetic to the cracking voice on the phone, and explained why bedwetting was not “his son’s” fault.  He remarked that “his son” was tired of nothing being effective; tired of failing.  


I took my time with this suffering teenager and encouraged him to take his "wife and son” to our website and learn more about our cure for chronic bedwetting.  I assured him his son was not alone with his condition, and that the average age in our program is actually 13.  


We refuse to look at chronic bedwetting as anything other than a symptom.  The real cause is a sleep disorder.  As we celebrate 40 years as experts in the treatment of bedwetting, we continue to hope parents will reach out to us to learn about the deep sleep disorder that leads to the bedwetting.  We are here to help provide good, quality sleep, a permanent end to bedwetting, and to close the door on the associated shame and embarrassment.  



Since many of our treatment counselors have teens who were bedwetters, they understand personally and professionally. Let us help you. The sooner you start, the sooner this will be behind you.

We understand the shame and suffering teenagers experience regarding this deep sleep disorder’s symptom: bedwetting. Since 1975, we have been successfully ending bedwetting for teens worldwide, and will help you. Please call us today, or share our website information with a parent.