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The Bedwetting Treatment That Works
Don't wait to outgrow bedwetting! We invite you to let us help you now. Listen to our treatment staff discuss our program.

Why we are better:

  • We don't sell equipment - we don't send a book - we treat bedwetting
  • We have a highly trained and professional staff exclusively devoted to ending bedwetting
  • We work with families world wide and have the same success rate - no need to visit our clinic
  • We have 40 years experience working effectively to end bedwetting
  • We have a 97% success rate which indicates we are doing something right
  • We have a money back guarantee - we take all the financial risk - you don't


This month we are celebrating 40 years of treating bedwetting.


What you can count on:

  • We provide treatment that does not require medication, testing, or doctor visits
  • We work with you step-by-step until the bedwetting is permanently resolved
  • We implement a variety of techniques that work together to address all issues related to the bedwetting and the deep sleep disorder
  • We have references from families who have successfully completed our program

An end to bedwetting means:

  • Better focus and concentration
  • Improving self esteem
  • Freedom from "the secret"
  • Overnights without anxiety
  • Achieving healthy sleep every night
  • Waking up in a dry bed every morning