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The Bedwetting Treatment That Works
Meet our treatment team, including our very first patient, who also is a member of our team of bedwetting experts. We discuss the underlying cause of enuresis and how we help solve the issue, with you, together.     

We Provide Results With a Money Back Guarantee

Celebrating 40 Years of Successfully Ending Bedwetting

  • Our 97% success rate has benefited tens of thousands of patients
  • #1 solution for bedwetting in the United States
  • We are the ONLY enuresis clinic to identify and treat the deep sleep as the underlying cause 
  • We specialize in treatment for teenage enuresis


An end to bedwetting with our program means:

  • Freedom from "the secret" 
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Improving self esteem
  • Overnights without anxiety
  • Achieving healthy sleep every night

What you can count on that no one else can offer:

  • An individualized treatment program 
  • Proven methods to build the "bladder to brain" connection 
  • Continuous personalized support 
  • A new sleep pattern 
  • A drug free solution
  • References  
  • Money back guaranteed 


Regardless of where you live - We can work together

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