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We are not a bedwetting store selling an alarm

Bedwetting is a difficult and misunderstood issue. What makes it even more challenging- perhaps without being aware-is the unhealthy impact of the bedwetter’s sleep, especially as the child grows older. Our commitment is to put an end to bedwetting, establish a productive and restorative pattern of sleep, and create an improved quality of life for our patients.

Our research and experience has validated that bedwetting is the result of a genetically-linked sleep disorder that can be treated. We are a world leader in enuresis treatment, and the only clinic to reach a global community. Our unique program allows our specialists to utilize an innovative telephone-based approach, proven to be just as effective as traditional office visits.

Money-back guarantee - We take all the financial risk -  you don't! 


We provide help to people all over the world 

homefamily1.jpgThe Dunning family asked us for help...
Click here to watch the Dunning family. Dr. Lyle Danuloff, Barbara Moore, Founder, and Michael Stallsmith, Director of Treatment. Watch as they discuss symptoms, treatment, and outcomes.
They speak about their frustration with their son’s bedwetting. Randy, Andrea, and Cullen, 12, each share how the noctural enuresis affected them, as well as what our treatment means to them.

What you can count on:

  • We have been curing bedwetting since 1975 and have a 97% success rate.
  • We provide a treatment that does not require medication, invasive procedures, or doctor visits.
  • We work with you step-by-step until the bedwetting is permanently resolved.
  • We implement a variety of techniques that work together to address all issues related to the bedwetting and the deep sleep disorder.
  • We have references from families who have successfully completed our program.
  • A money-back guarantee if we can't get your child dry.  We take the financial risk - you don't.
An end to bedwetting means:
  • Waking up in a dry bed every morning
  • Achieving healthy, restorative sleep every night
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Freedom from "the secret"
  • Overnights without anxiety